Saturday, May 9, 2009


...or as a more commonly accepted word conveying the same "I'm outta here and will be out of touch for a while" feeling...vacation!! I'm about to Metro myself off to Reagan, hop on a flight to Philly, meet up with Diana and Trinity, and jet across the pond to spend a week or so trekking around Europe....or more specifically, Munich and Prague and the train ride in between. That's right, the countdown clock is at zero all across the board, and it's time to forget about work and all responsibility for a week and go soak up some culture and good time with good friends who are dearly missed. I'll catch you on the flip side...and don't worry; there will be plenty of commentary and photo montages after the fact. Let's see if the trusty, highly portable Olympus and I end up with anything resembling these shots:

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