Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And so it continues

Let me just start with the fact that the vast majority of my possessions made the journey from Dallas to DC without suffering any major damage. The couch barely fit on the elevator and through the front door, but it's in and in one piece. I feel terrible having people hoist that sofa-bed beast around, but that's what they're paid to do, right? There was the incident involving the base to the LCD TV being left in a box, loaded back on the truck, and driven away to a warehouse. Fortunately, otherwise-extremely-conscientious moving man discovered said base after a somewhat frantic phone call from me, and it was promptly wrapped to within an inch of its inanimate "life" and shipped right back to me. This has delayed the installation of cable since I don't actually have a functional television (I'm getting DVR!! Finally, Erin!) and consequently internet service, but I've managed to survive thus far. In fact, when I go home at night and have nothing mindless to entertain me, I've tried to do actual productive things with my time. You know, organize the apartment stuff. Stuff that could crush Harry and/or me at a moment's notice until I manage to get it anchored to the wall. It all looks so innocent crammed into my car, though, doesn't it?

Oh, Ikea, how you suck me in with your bargains and vast, vast selection of merchandise. I could spend an obscene amount of time in there. And you've provided me with a storage solution that happily reconciles the combination of smallish kitchen and largish amounts of kitchen paraphernalia! Massive shelving unit with glass-front doors! And I only had to switch the hinges on one door due to my lack of engineering skills! If I can put together anything wooden while only taking out six screws I've already muscled in and switch them around, it's pretty much a success in my book. I know, it's shameful.

Hey, you know that crated TV I mentioned? Check it out:

That thing is SOLID! Oh, and allow me to demonstrate what "unpack" means in a corporate move sense - they bust that stuff out of boxes and place it on any available flat surface, then I get the pleasure of figuring out where the heck to put it all.

The bottom of the bathtub would qualify as a flat surface, I suppose. Disaster!! I do have a functional home right now, but there are still plenty of piles everywhere driving me bonkers.

Oh, and just so you know, the following items have the ability to freeze while in transit from Dallas to DC during winter months: olive oil (solid as a rock!), Swiffer Wet cleaning pads, and Dawn dish soap (not totally solid, just odd frozen bubbles drifting through looked really nasty). And everything coming off that truck was COLD. It felt like my apartment would never be warm again with waves of cold emanating from every object inside it. Not to worry, though - it's actually warmer in DC than it is in Dallas right now! Crazy weather! I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

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Sarah said...

Wow...they weren't messing around with that TV crate!!! Glad to hear things are slowly taking shape in the apartment!