Friday, January 23, 2009

Planet Earth is a pretty rockin' place

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a Discovery Channel junkie. It's in my usual suspects for channel flipping, and more often than not I find myself drawn into the workings of a crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea and whether or not a car can be blasted fifteen feet in the air with the water pressure from ten fire hoses. Lately I've been catching reruns of Planet Earth, and I realize how very little of our planet I've actually seen and how much there is to know about it. I'm not saying I'll ever base jump into a cave (well...maybe....but probably not) or encounter a colugo gliding through the Malaysian rain forest, but there's some pretty cool stuff going on out there that's outside of my knowledge realm. Did you know that there are pretty much a bajillion kinds of penguins and that some really neat glowworms live in massive caves and that time-lapse video is just ridiculously amazing AND that Coke pretty much got it right with the cuteness of polar bear cubs? I've grossly oversimplified what you actually get out of watching, so just take my word for it...better yet, try to catch it in reruns or add it to your Netflix queue. Check out the way cool shark video, and I highly recommend wasting a little time in front of the TV to take in some of the amazing scenes from this project.

And yes, they're also showing episodes on Animal Planet, and I'm watching it right now. I'm avoiding the adult things I need to do, such as changing my address in eight million places and sorting goods into come with me/go in peace to Goodwill/what can I get for you at Half Price Books piles. It's for the sake of knowledge, though! And never-before-seen footage of adorable baby animals!!

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