Monday, January 5, 2009

It cures what ails you

Scene: Sunday morning, mere moments before 8:30 AM, home
Alarm sounds, eliciting typical morning response ("ugh..."). However, typical "ugh" also accompanied by feelings of achy body (hit by bus, perhaps?), fiery throat, and sniffly nose. Alarm is promptly silenced and three more hours of sleep commence.

Scene: Rapidly approaching noon, apartment of the cold/flu-like symptoms sufferer
Rouse self from bed and force activity on beleaguered body - drink copious amounts of water and juice. Sane person would crack open can of Campbell's chicken noodle kept on hand for this very occasion...diseased mind sees this (well, this and the impending chilly weather) as the perfect opportunity to try out recipe from wonderful new cookbook received as Christmas gift from wonderful sister.

Scene: Mid-afternoon, Central Market
Opted for Central Market so as to be assured of "good" quality of ingredients - must not let down Barefoot Contessa ("good" olive there really such a thing as bad olive oil?). Adore this store. Helpful butcher suggests garlic variation of chicken sausage - happily and sniffily agree. Resist as many impulse buys as possible, giving in only to coffee and hummus, and leaving behind many fine cheeses. Spirits are lifted after quick trip through happy food atmosphere.

Scene: Late afternoon, kitchen, Jason Mraz music in background
Make effort to use every available inch of counter space - kitchen in D.C. will be a bit of a downsize, therefore currently enjoying counter space as much as possible. Use excessive utensils, vessels, and assorted culinary devices in preparing Barefoot Contessa's Italian Wedding Soup. Once again admire prowess of Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus as it chops parsley, minces onion, creates fresh breadcrumbs, and reaffirms status as one of my favorite kitchen tools. I hate chopping onions - thank you for saving me, Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus.

Scene: Early evening, seated at coffee table, steaming bowl of soup and slice of crusty Italian bread take center stage
Enjoy tasty fruits of kitchen labor and determine that grocery store journey and time spent in kitchen worth effort. Note to self that due to its overwhelming tastiness, freshly grated Pecorino Romano could improve the taste of even most despised foods. Diseased mind contemplated chopping recipe in half so as not to produce excessive amounts of soup for single person to eat, but diseased mind ended up not wanting to be bothered with math - project that hopefully well mind will tire of soup by Wednesday.

Scene: Earlier than usual bedtime
NyQuil. Finish book. Out.

Post-production note to accompany initial posting of above production: Apparently soup can't entirely cure what ails you. Same symptoms on Monday morning. Sleep excessive hours on Monday, enjoy more soup, and hope for improved results on Tuesday morning.


Trinity said...

That was an interesting way to say "I am sick and I like soup."

Sarah said...

you are hysterical!!! i love it! hope you're feeling better today!

Addy's Daddy said...

I'm not really sure what to say here. I thought Trin's blogs would be the oddest, but it looks like he better watch out! There's a new weirdo in town and she like's Barefoot Contessa! What!

Erin said...

Uh oh, my crazy mind is on the loose, putting thoughts out there for all to see! Yipes! Happy to amuse and entertain. =)

Only feeling slightly better. Wondering about healing powers of soup. Sigh.

Diana said...

I just read this - so sorry you feel so crummy. Get well have a fabulous party to attend on Saturday! :)