Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life admin

Life admin...a phrase my dear friend Molly and I frequently use to refer to those items that you have to take care of in order to function but that you would infinitely prefer get taken care of by your own personal EA or a team of magical elves. Picking up dry cleaning, getting your driver's license renewed, waiting on hold with any customer service center, filing away semi-important papers that you know you'll need in the future, etc. Necessary but not necessarily fun.

Anyway, I'd just like to state for the record, even though I'm certain most of us know, that moving creates an inordinate amount of life admin. Finding new place to live with appropriate dimensions, minimal neighborhood crime, and less-than-astronomical-when-considering-cost-of-living-adjustment rent - check (thank goodness). Attempting to coordinate move dates with packing folks, shipping folks (different shipping folks for stuff and vehicle, of course), leasing office personnel, place of employment, hotel for temporary housing while stuff journeys across the country, all while dealing with airline travel of self and feline - only kinda checked. Harrison has some pretty serious thoughts to share with me about getting on a plane. To be checked: changing addresses absolutely everywhere, getting quotes for car insurance, transferring/cancelling/initiating utility service, getting new driver's license, finding person who can cut my hair the way Drew does...we haven't even started talking about the unpacking and reshuffling of the stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty excited about the new place and exploring the city and changing directions at work, but there's a lot of busy work that goes into all of that. Phew. Hey, at least I'm moving within the country!

That said, I'm accepting applications for the position of life admin assistant for the next six weeks or so. Hours are reasonable and pretty flexible (as long as you don't have other employment, a family, friends, or social obligations or any kind), and your pay, while not necessarily considered commonly accepted U.S. tender, will be delicious...baked goods! Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. accustoming cat to air travel receptacle and common travel noises;
  2. coordinating weather from Dallas to Washington D.C. to ensure that moving truck's 1,331 mile journey is not impeded by acts of nature;
  3. taking my place while on hold with any number of service providers while ensuring that they do not hang up on me;
  4. convincing the PwC powers-that-be that a firm-provided happy hour is not an unnecessary expense during these cost-cutting, tough economic times (maybe scratch that one...most of my friends can afford to buy themselves a beverage or two if needed, and should try not to offend bosses);
  5. pretty much everything, actually...that would be great!

Please include references and soonest date of availability...preferably yesterday.


Diana said...

I am extremely interested in your open position. As my days currently stands, I have no life or social obligations of any kind.

Erin said...

Mrs. Vaughn, I'm afraid that your current state of employment may present some difficulties with scheduling your work with me. Please give notice to your current employer ASAP.

Ok, not really. You have to support your household, and baked goods only go so far.