Wednesday, August 20, 2014


How have the last twelve weeks just flown by? In the beginning, it didn't feel like time was flying - it felt like I was stuck in an endless eternity of sleep-deprived madness. But then we kinda got the hang of things and starting having FUN together...and now my sweet boy is hanging out in daycare and I go back to work tomorrow. During busy season. Which is its own kind of endless eternity.

I wish I'd written more. I have a million phone pictures, and I've jotted half blog posts here and there, and there's a rambling Word doc that kinda captures things...but I know there are little moments that have already passed that I may not hold on to.

I miss spending time with him already.


T Crosley said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain 110%! I am finishing up my 2nd week back at work and I promise it does get easier, but you will never stop missing them throughout the day. Being a mommy is hard work. Your little one will not even realize you are gone :) Hope you had a good day back at work and enjoyed your snuggles when you got home!

Erin said...

Thank you for the sanity check, Tiffani! Hardest job ever - but those snuggles at the end of the day are that much sweeter now.

Mommy power!!

T Crosley said...

Most definitely!!! I still find it hard going to work and leaving the kids every day, but I know that I am doing it to provide them with a better life and that is what works for my little family. Hang in there and know he's safe and enjoying his day....and loving his even more special "mommy time" when he gets home :)