Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Holden adorableness, July 2nd edition

I find myself taking a ridiculous number of pictures with my phone every day to capture these little moments with my kiddo...and as much as I love the "real" camera, it's WAY less convenient when I have a child in my arms.'s a day in the life, filled with unedited phone pictures.  How very un-Erin-like of me, but I think this might be our new normal.  I love this little guy so much.

Ok, so this one is a phone pic from Craig - while I took Harrison to the vet, he played "tough guy" dress-up with our child, even slicked back his hair with baby oil and everything.  Oh dear.  ADORABLE.
Trying to get this guy in as many of his teeny clothes as possible before he outgrows them - today's adorable striped airplane onesie brought to you by Carter's, dangerous land of sales for tiny adorable things.
Did you know being a baby is really tough work?  Really, really tough.
Head kisses from Mommy!  Oh, Mom, you're so embarrassing.
Again, being a baby is REALLY tough sometimes it's best to just take a break and nap on Mommy.  Ahhh, that's better.
Tell me a story, Mom, I'm wide awake!
The kid is wearing a onesie AND pants AND socks - this basically never happens because we're changing diapers far too frequently to bother with complete outfits.  Seriously.
Chillin' on the playmat for a change of pace - ooohhhh, lights and sounds and different things to attempt to hit with flailing arms!
I give you...dramatic baby.
I also give you...suuuuper baby!  He tends to get fussy at night before bedtime, but we've discovered that he really likes flying through the air as super baby during this time.  Craig has obviously been tasked with the super baby flying since it's just not in my nature to hold him like this.
Welcome to our world.  It's kinda awesome.


Darcy said...

Love those wide open peeper shots! What beautiful big eyes!

Erin said...

I think he looks very inquisitive with those eyes open SO big! This little guy is going to be too curious for his own good, I think.