Monday, March 31, 2014

Here we grow!

Given my affinity for the camera, you'd think I'd be that person documenting every single day of this pregnancy posed in a similar shot so I could compile an epic "watch me grow a human!" photo montage.  Well...not happening.  But maybe I can at least capture one poorly lit shot a week with my phone from here on out.  It's something!

In case you were wondering location...elevator at work, headed home after a looooong day. I think this lighting is even worse than the bathroom shots...

He's really growing in there!  And dancing or kickboxing (or, just, you know, stretching around) on a rather frequent basis.  Here's the latest and greatest in baby land:
  • Starting to get a liiiiittle uncomfortable hauling this little guy around.  He's just taking up more space these days...ummm, and he's only going to take up more.  What, still eight-ish weeks to go?
  • Still waking up randomly in the early morning hours - but at least I can go back to sleep and get a fake full night's sleep.  Last week I think I actually slept through the night twice!
  • I miss...turkey sandwiches.  Cold ones.  Darn you, listerosis.  And I miss wine, too.  But I'm really, really enjoying my almost-every-night bowl of cereal.  Reminds me of my college days...
  • I was almost ready to say I'd been doing pretty good on not randomly crying lately...but Craig picked up the new comfy chair for the nursery and got it all set up and I promptly sat in the chair and rocked and cried.  Hello, hormones.
  • I've decided pretty much anything goes with my work wardrobe for the next couple months - comfort is the name of the game here.  Don't be surprised if flop flops show up for the month of May.
  • Worrying a little bit less about pregnancy things since modern medicine and the time he's been cooking in there mean he'd probably be ok if he showed up early...but then worrying more about the actual giving birth to a human part AND the whole "raise a kid" thing that follows that.  Minor details.
Yeeps, a little less than two months to go!!  Give or take, since it's bothering the accountant in me that I don't know when he'll actually be here, which I assume is God's polite way of preparing me to let go of my need to plan all things.


Darcy said...

Oh my goodness - cuteness overload!!! You look great, and I love your black stripes w/ the mint green cardi outfit! :)

Love you and looking forward to more belly pics!

Stephanie said...

Eeks! He'll be here so soon! Can't wait to shower him (and you!) this weekend!

Belinda said...

You look so freaking cute! I am so glad you posted these so I don't go into full attack of the prego belly when I see you Saturday :) Love you!

Erin said...

You're all so sweet and wonderful!! Love you gals so much, and I CAN'T WAIT for the baby shower this weekend!