Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's get on this whole wedding thing

Did you know that getting engaged is a little overwhelming at first?  There's this great sense of euphoria that comes over you...and then everyone you know immediately asks what day you're getting married and where you're getting married and what your colors are and whether you've thought about using this person or that person for this or that and OH do you know what kind of dress you want, and it's enough to make someone contemplate getting married on the side of the road and just being done with it.

But then there are also really fun things like...

...going wedding dress shopping with your mom and one of your best friends and having a BLAST.  I think my mom was really worried that I was going to be stressed and indecisive and overwhelmed and basically freak out.  And don't get me wrong, I might have had those thoughts, too.  But we really had the BEST time, whether we were digging through piles of ugly dresses...

...or finding the winner and jumping up and down with joy.  Such a fun day!  Major props to the ladies at LuLu's in Uptown for embracing the fun and my ridiculousness.

...registering!!  Is there a little stress involved as you debate which flatware feels the best in your hand and which towels are going to claim a spot in your future life (I swear we touched every towel three times) and whether or not you really need this or that or this?  Yeah, a little bit.  But mostly it's crazy fun zapping things with a cool little gun and picking out things together.  We went to Bed Bath & Beyond on Friday afternoon (after having a couple of margaritas at lunch - my plan, as I figured Craig would be more amenable to my preferred options if I gave him a little booze, hehe) and spent about three and a half hours listening to the china spiel and making a lap of the store and heading back to the desk three times to get our gun fixed.  It was so much fun!! 

I think Craig started losing steam somewhere in the middle of towel selections...notice my beaming energy and his desire to just move on with the process.  Ahhh, memories and moments.

Scanny guns are extremely fun!!

And then we came home and promptly put together another registry on Amazon.  And next Sunday morning we're hitting up Crate & Barrel before the store opens for one of their special registry events.  A glass of champagne AND a scanny gun?  Don't mind if I do!

...planning the honeymoon.  We're going to Costa Rica!!  And staying at amazing places like the Xandari Resort and Spa and Arenal Nayara and Pranamar Villas and doing amazing things like zip-lining through the jungle and staying in an ocean-front villa and hiking around a volcano and just sitting in a hammock and reading and relaxing in hot springs and generally just enjoying life.  I can't wait for this part.

...figuring out fun little details instead of the big, budget-busting items.  Fun little details include paper products, which I'm totally obsessed with, as well as cool things like the wedding cake.

For everyone out there who wants to stay up to date with wedding news, I even busted out a wedding website.  Nothing crazy, I exercised some restraint - just some info for the curious types and out-of-towners.

Weddings are 100% absolutely crazy.  But also kinda fun.  Plus there's that whole "I do...for life" bit, which seems pretty awesome to me.


Addy's Daddy said...

First, I'm going to have trouble not referring to you as Erin Bryan. It took me forever to drop the Loveless from Diana's name.

Second, you and Craig are going to have the same anniversay as Jessica and I, except for that six year span in between!

Third, we're so excited for you and can't wait to meet this Craig fella. And yea! for weddings - we haven't attended one since Jen and Mike's!

Erin said...

I've been Erin Bryan my entire life!! It's going to take some adjusting on my end, too - I wonder how many times I'll sign the wrong name...

Can't wait to see you guys over Memorial Day Weekend! Oh, and I love that we're going to have the same anniversary!

My life is filled with "!!!!" these days. =)

Jen and Mike said...

Yay, for weddings! I seriously still respond to my other last name at school. My poor kids are so confused when they hear the other name.

On a side note, Mike and I went back to Macy's and BB &B because we had no idea what we needed and were so overwhelmed.

Erin said...

Haha, those poor little kids - "which one are you today??"

We've definitely done some registry adjusting online in the last few days...and I'm sure there will be more after we hit up Crate & Barrel on Sunday!