Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chocolate + beer = awesome

Not the most timely blog post ever (you might even call it un-timely or completely irrelevant given that some of my upcoming exclamations are seasonally inappropriate), but how do I, of all people, get away WITHOUT telling you about something that intentionally pairs one of my most favorite things ever (chocolate!!) with one of Craig's most favorite things ever (beer!!).  Yes.  You just had to know.  Beer and Chocolate Tasting at the Ginger Man.  YES.  Good times with Carolyn and Justin and assorted other friendly faces.

Untimely item #1 - this relates to Valentine's Day.  Today is April 10th.  You do the math.  But really, is there any other day of the year that lends itself to pairing chocolate and beer?  I'm sure we could come up with one, but Valentine's Day just screams YES to this.

We won glassware!!  Temporarily filled with chocolates wrapped in cheery Valentine's Day wrapping, now residing in our freezer awaiting a frosty brew.
Untimely item #2 - I'm going to refer to Craig "being in town" when Craig now...lives here.  But it was really nice that he was here so we could have a low-key Valentine's Day together and actually see each other during that whole living-in-different-parts-of-the-country bit.  Besides, could anyone else have modeled the paper accompaniment to our event with such pizazz?  Oh, wait...this is how he usually operates when I ask for a picture.  Covers his face.  I'll put together a collage of those shots one day.

We worked our way through seven-ish beers of varying strengths and chocolatey-ness, paired with the likes of chocolate-covered strawberries and straight-up milk and dark chocolate.  And while I didn't necessarily think that beer and chocolate would really go together at the start of the thing...some of them surprised me.  In a good, tasty way.  Fun!  Please see the aftermath below.

Go to the Ginger Man and  some love - a lot of people find it awesome.  Especially when you can enjoy an amazing patio in the middle of February.  And maybe even the middle of April.


Belinda said...

This makes me miss Dallas :) I'll just have to suggest to a couple of places in Tulsa to try the whole chocolate/beer tasting for V-day!

Erin said...

And Dallas misses you!! Tell Tulsa to get on board with this beer and chocolate extravaganza.