Sunday, June 6, 2010

Small mountains of food

Two weekends ago I had some Texas time, courtesy of a work excuse to show up at the office on Friday and spend the rest of time with dear friends.  And while my furchild has grasped the meaning of a small mountain of food and that rolly-case-thing, he doesn't totally understand why I feel compelled to leave him on his own for a few days - but I do.  I needed my own small mountain of food.  I needed it so badly that I didn't even take pictures of it, which should tell you something.

Drinks on TABC patio (spacious, spacious patio - oh, DC and its rooftops), soul-warming Chuy's, more patio time and burger deliciousness at Jake's, soul-warming Gloria's, soul-warming Urban Taco, change of pace at Zorba's (next time we're soooo getting that cheese-on-fire thing), soul-warming and perfectly amazing in every way brunch at La Duni.

I really should exercise more (at all...) to justify what I eat.  Or start some miracle regimen of pills to slow down the damage.  But this was "vacation" dining, which doesn't count...

Work was a little less soul-warming. I'm so glad I still have my girls there, because there are definitely some changes going on that makes me wonder just a little bit what I'm getting myself into when I head back.  Ready to just roll with it...

And not a picture one from the weekend!  Yes, I surprise even myself sometimes.  Although I wish I had gotten some pictures of my friends.  And possibly my new haircut.  And the adorable cookies Sarah and I iced...yes, we like that kind of thing.  But I'll live.  Just know that much quality time was spent in the company of wonderful, wonderful friends, especially with this one both in (aforementioned cookie icing, wining and talking, Gilmore Girls-ing, etc-ing) and out (how did I acquire multiple ginormous mosquito bites in a mere ten minutes of backyard time??  those little buggers are drawn to me) of her adorable new-ish home.  And that, more than anything, was the soul-warming I really needed.


Girl Interrupted said...

Boooo! No photos of the food? :(

But it sounds like you had a great time ... and you mentioned the Gilmore Girls, which is one of my main passions at the moment, so I still enjoyed this post :P

Erin said...

How did I not take pictures?!? It was like I wasn't really myself or something - to be remedied on my next trip back in August.


Kate, aren't the Gilmore Girls just fabulous? I wish I got all of their references - it would make me feel uber-intelligent.