Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not so loopy after all


And now, here I am, completely lucid (well, as lucid as I normally would be) and chilling on the couch on a Thursday afternoon with just a little extra bandaging and alternating ice packs of frozen peas and pearl onions (which I have rigged in place MacGyver-style with a long scarf so I can actually sit up instead of balancing frozen veggies on my chest).  Everything went really smoothly this morning, and I was only in the OR for about 45 minutes under pretty light anesthesia (don't worry, not so light that I had any idea what was going on - isn't it amazing how you know where you are and then BAM!  You're completely out and have no recollection of what happened...miracle drugs...), so I moved through recovery phases I and II pretty quickly and was walking out of the hospital at 10:00.  I knew I was myself when the PACU (post anesthesia care unit - I learned new acronyms today) nurse asked me if I'd like to something to drink and my first request (denied, of course) was coffee.  Fine, fine, I suppose water and ginger ale will do.

Have to wear a largish patch/bandage thing for a couple of days, then I can finally take a real shower, then these paper steri-strip things will fall off in a week or so, and I go back to the doc on May 24 for a check-up and lab reports.  Tylenol with codeine at my disposal as needed.  Harrison makes a semi-competent nurse, even though he lacks opposable thumbs.  And I have my real "nurses" on call with a scheduled dinner check-up from Stephanie tomorrow night.  In good hands.

Also in Dr. Anita McSwain's good hands, as you can see from the "AM" scrawled across the appropriate side of my body - marked for surgery!  I didn't realize I was serving as a writing surface today.

And at least I got a sweet bracelet (and not-as-sweet rockin' bruise on my hand from that darn IV needle):

Thank you, everyone, for your well-wishes, kind thoughts, and always appreciated tidbits of humor (ahem, Trinity) - I'm a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends.


Sarah said...

hooray!! so glad things went smoothly!!

Trinity said...

Not sure how good an idea it is for you to put your personal info on the internet in the form of an ID bracelet. I am pretty sure that barcode holds all your real info and fi someone were to find a way to scan it it would bring stuff up.

Diana said...

Yay! I am so glad you're doing well.

Erin said...

Thank you, friends! And Trinity, very astute and aware of you - I've done some photo editing. But maybe I should just take down my pretty bracelet. Are people really that insane?

Yes, yes they are...