Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax time!

If you haven't filed your taxes yet...well, you might want to get on it.  That's about as much of a public service announcement as you're going to get from me.  Not going to lie - not missing my traditional 4/15 scramble at work.  Instead, I think I might stop by the IRS building today for some ice cream.

Alternatively, if I miss the noon to 1 PM window for my free mini-Blizzard, I could knock back a Tax Relief or two, which actually sounds pretty similar to what Kami and I indulged in a few years ago if you substitute a Sonic cherry limeade for the last four ingredients and a little...or a lot...of vodka for the first.  Yikes.  Tasty with a bacon cheeseburger and some jalapeño poppers, but we're getting too old for that now.

Hmmmm, other ways to celebrate tax day?  Someecards has their usual selection of jolly Tax Day e-cards.  Take a reusable travel mug into Starbucks today and get a free brewed coffee.  All food purchases at P.F. Chang's are 15% off today.  Get a free...ummm...HydroMassage.  Are those the weird things you only see at the mall?  I'm not researching that any further.

Do your taxes, people - it's the right thing to do.  Also, I would like to note that filing state tax returns is for the birds.  Yet another reason why Texas is so awesome.


Molls said...

Hahah! Love it! I can't believe you don't miss busy season. You're crazy!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha...but you had to file state this year! Here's to Texas (and only one more year of state returns for me!)

Sarah said...

hooray for april 15th!!! Even if it's not your normal, there's just some sort of relief that comes with the day!! woo hoo!