Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day!

When D.C. gears up for a winter storm warning and really any amount of frozen white stuff (come on, weather folks - couldn't you be a little more specific than "between a dusting and eight inches!" to prepare us for what may come?  Although you did get a little bit more specific as the snow made its way on top of us...), I'm momentarily thrilled by the thought of (1) a potential day off work and (2) pretty stuff falling from the sky that generally makes the world a softer, gentler place, covering the world with a coat of innocence.  Ugh, too mushy and Hallmark-ish on the last one.  Sorry about that.  Well, January Snow Day 2010 happened to occur on a SATURDAY, which meant no free time off work (although I have my doubts that the federal government would have closed shop today, which is what Uncle Pdub follows...drats), but I did embrace the general snowy joy and bitter coldness of the day by...well, by not leaving my apartment, cranking up the heater, and generally being lazy.  Let me just say, it's much more pleasant enjoying the snow from the comfort of one's own apartment than trying to fight one's way through it to get it out of town.

Allow me to share in my laziness and general happiness about not doing much of anything today.  After all, what are weekends for?  I might even count this as a D.C. exploration since Dallas is not covered in snow.  Can only have this experience here, people.  Or possibly in Amarillo where the snow was ridiculously worse.

Sleeping in until 11.  Yes, I can still do that!!  Kinda proud.  Busting open altruistic Christmas gift from the Vaughns in the form of my first shipment of a three month coffee of the month program from Grounds for Change, a fairly awesome certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% fair trade coffee.  Delicious coffee AND supporting a good cause?  Sign me up.  Oh, wait - you did.  Thanks, Vaughns!  And this month's coffee, Ramelau from East Timor, is absolutely delicious.  I had a lot of caffeine this morning...and into the early PM hours.  Had fond thoughts of my Dallas people as I sipped away from my newest Dallas mug.  Miss you.

Opened up the blinds and watched the snow progress throughout the day while I watched crap TV, took in some college basketball, finished the book I was on, caught up on all kinds of magazines, cleaned, rummaged for food, spent at least an hour on the sofa in a coma-like state where I may not have done much of anything at all, and busted out the zoom lens to at least make it feel like I was up close and personal with the snow and those who chose to brave it.  It was lovely.

Inspiration struck late in the evening, and I finally managed to wrap up a project I've been meaning to finish for...ummm...kinda forever.  Another gift from the Vaughns, actually - a wine corkboard...board provided, get the corks attached.  Finally attached corks.  I think I really like it.  Dry, glue, dry.

I'm also on a real movie kick these days - Oscar season tends to bring that out in me, so this weekend I appear to have gone on a bit of a war kick with a Friday night viewing of Inglorious Basterds and The Hurt Locker tonight.  Enjoyed the former more than I thought I would (sometimes Tarantino just throws me for a loop), and now need chocolate or something to chill me out from the tension I developed while watching the latter.  Good movie.

And yes, I took pictures throughout my snow day and have now blogged about them.  I think I might be getting a little bored.  Maybe I should go to bed?  Oh, wait, I got up at I'm not exactly ready to call it a night.  Oh, SNL in just a few minutes?  With Jon Hamm?  I think I'm set.

Let me just say that I wasn't the laziest one around today...

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