Monday, January 4, 2010

So much for catching up

Welcome to 2010!  I mentioned last time (allllll the way back in 2009...I know, a mere five days ago, but doesn't that sound more dramatic?) that I had some catching up to do what with the cruise adventures and general holiday cheer, but those year-end blogging specials just never came into being because I was having far too much fun with my friends.  Never a bad thing.  I was also somewhat hampered by that computer incident I mentioned.  To elaborate, I might have done some serious blog catching-up during my 4+ hours in the Charlotte airport yesterday (oh yes, another travel story for you!), but let me share just one minor part of the comedy of errors that was me escaping D.C. during Snowpocalypse 2009.

My college desktop is a bit of a dinosaur.  And not even plugged in at the moment.  So when I was going to be gone for two weeks and take 2,000+ pictures and generally miss being connected to the world, I decided to take along my work laptop (with a nearly full hard drive due to my excessive collection of, oodles of personal things, really) to upload pictures and blog and watch movies on the plane, so on and so forth.  What I wasn't planning on was an unfortunate backpack incident in the middle of 6th Street in piles of snow where the zipper decided to part ways and release the contents of my backpack into said snow.  Oh, and onto the rather unforgiving pavement covered by piles of snow.  After frantically scooping up the contents and avoiding being smacked into by irresponsible snow drivers, I put it out of my mind (ha, not really, but I tried) until I had the chance to attempt to turn it on.  No dice.  It turns on but has some funky error and then I get a screen of death.  So, heads up to the PwC IT folks, you'll be getting a visit from me first thing in the morning.  And I lugged around dead laptop weight for the rest of my travels, which was slightly less than awesome.

However, upon my return to D.C., I resisted my innate ability to overanalyze purchases and basically all decisions in my life by actually going to Best Buy, sorting out my options, and just buying a dang computer.  So, tonight, I give to you this blog, courtesy of my sleek new HP Pavilion 1355, purchased mere hours ago.  And yes, I tacked on the handy service plan that covers things like me dropping my computer on the sidewalk/street and spilling Diet Coke all over it.  Knowing the abuse these things get courtesy of me, an extra $100 for the "accidental damage from handling" clause just seemed like the way to go.

Many stories to come, and hope you and yours had a fantastic holiday and are off to a great start in 2010!  One year of blogging is in the books! 


Diana said...

Woohoo for new computers!!! I like it. Hope your work computer gets better soon.

Erin said...

And now the work computer is back up and running! Its guts got put in another shell and we're all good to go. Oh, technology.