Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sarin reunion!

What do you get when an awesome person named Sarah and a crazy person named Erin become indistinguishable from one another because they've spent excessive amounts of time at work together, particularly working on one rather trying client? You get...Sarin! Oh, PwC, what have you done to us? Anyway, my dear friend Sarah was in town this last weekend to hang out in D.C. with me, and we had a fantastic time. The recap follows.

After some ridiculous flight cancellations and delays due to crazy, crazy weather going on in Dallas, I rescued Sarah from Dulles during the wee hours of Friday morning - finally here! I had to head in to work for a few hours on Friday morning, which gave Sarah the chance to find one of the city's eight million Starbucks and do a little museum exploring while I did exciting things like edit articles and fight with technology.

After escaping from work (yay!), I met up with Sarah and we had a tasty bento box lunch at Teaism and then thoroughly explored the National Gallery of Art (after passing on the ridiculous line at the National Archives - I don't know what was going on there! probably just a summer Saturday...). As is the problem with many of the great museums in D.C., it's just freakin' large and has SO many cool things in it that you have to just give up at a certain point and go get frozen yogurt from TangySweet (where the line bordered on Archives crazy - we waited it out, though, because we really needed a cool treat). I thought one of the coolest things about the museum was the transition from one wing to the other - a 200-foot long tunnel, complete with moving walkway, through a display of 41,000 LED lights. Snazzy. Really awesome pizza (totally worth the wait!) and a good bottle of wine at 2Amys for dinner, and then we crashed after spending a little quality time with Harry and Sally...oh, and Harry the cat, of course.

Saturday morning I took advantage of actually having another person in my home to cook for more than one, so...French toast, please! After lazing around in the morning with our cups of coffee and catching up, we headed out to Georgetown and had burgers at Peacock Cafe, did some shopping at H&M, wandered through the adorable neighborhood, and ate a dinner's worth of amazing coffee-Oreo ice cream at Thomas Sweet. Of course, waffle cones of homemade ice cream aren't exactly the best choice for dinner (although a perfectly delicious one), so we decided the perfect solution to that would be margaritas, chips, salsa, and queso at Tortilla Coast. Ummm...not exactly healthy, but it is just darn tasty. See how our degree of happiness jumps up with queso and margaritas?

Dana came and met us for the chip & margarita fest, and then we walked over to Artomatic. Yes, the same Artomatic I went to a couple of weeks ago, but last time I didn't make through nearly all of the exhibits, and they certainly didn't dancers!!. Artomatic is just fun - we actually made it through every floor, and the three of us had a great time exploring the massive art space with adult beverages and cameras in hand. A few of the highlights: Dana gets ridiculously excited by both Peeps and Waffle House, Sarah and I are both inspired to become awesome photographers (she has a good start on that journey with her amazing camera...I have a little camera envy...I mean, excellent close-up shots of the Peeps action), I have a thing for cream soda Dum-Dums, and the creativity some people have just blows me away.

Sunday we made our way out to Eastern Market for a stop at the lunch counter (crabcake sandwiches! fries! massive Diet Cokes! oh yum!) and a quick viewing round of the assorted pickle people and jewelry makers, then we hopped back on the Metro to head downton for a lazy afternoon at the movies in the form of "Away We Go" at the E Street Cinema. Go check out the movie if for no other reason than John Krasinski is just adorable.

So good to spend time with a good friend! makes me miss all of you good friends that much more. Get ready for me, though, you Dallas-ites - I'll be in town July 8-12! Many things already on tap for the weekend - weddings, dinners, haircuts - so I'm hoping to spend a lot of quality time with the gang...aka my peeps. And yes, I'm going for cheesy with that by following it up with a picture of the giant Peep. Come on, did you expect anything less from me?


Trinity said...

Now that is a Peep

Sarah said...

I had a blast with you my friend!! So glad you'll be in Dallas soon!