Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Parking lot invasion

The massive parking lot I cut through on my way to work has been invaded. The two block chunk of pavement between 9th & 11th, bordered by H and I, currently accommodates about 1/4 of the cars it usually holds, which I'm sure creates far more havoc for the drivers than the walkers. Yes, this space has been a trapeze school and temporary tennis courts and massive trucks and trailers from Sony Pictures. You need more information here on this particular aspect of city living.

1. TSNY has made its way to D.C. Trapeze School New York. I now walk past a trapeze school on my way to work. They've set up in the corner of the parking lot at 9th and H, and so far it's been pretty entertaining to see the various skill levels on display as I walk by. I kinda want to do this ala Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City, Episode #82, "The Catch." My ab muscles could probably use some work before I attempt this.

2. I have no idea who the Washington Kastles are, but their tennis courts are in the way of downtown commuters. Ok, now I know what it's all about because I had to Google it and figure things out. So apparently there's this thing called World TeamTennis with co-ed teams all over the country - real names here, the Williams gals and Maria Sharapova. Maybe I'll take in some exciting tennis action this summer.

3. I need to figure out how to get in some time with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson, because they're running around town shooting a movie while I'm spending my days in a cube. How does one get a copy of their shooting schedule? Hmmmm...I hope they're still in town when I get back from P-town and Beantown. At any rate, they have massive amounts of trucks and trailers and movie equipment taking up a quarter of the parking lot (at least I'm assuming all of the "Sony Pictures" splashed all over everything is related to them - I mean, this isn't L.A., so I figure I've got it narrowed down pretty well). I'll try not to go all stalker and just hang out in the parking lot, though. Maybe some actual filming somewhere.

And that, friends, is what I walk past going to and from work. Oh, and three Starbucks, one tacky souvenier shop, and typically several bold squirrels.

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