Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy signs, German & Czech edition

I was flipping through my pictures the other day (digitally flipping through them, of course - I don't remember the last time I actually printed some out. Must make use of those prepaid prints I have on Snapfish...), and I remembered just how many crazy signs we encountered on our journeys through Germany and the Czech Republic. You've seen the crazy signs of D.C., courtesy of me, a couple of times. Ok, they might not be considered "crazy" to all, but I find them amusing and entertaining in some way, so now you're going to get Crazy Signs, German & Czech Edition from yours truly. Enjoy.

Ok, so ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can take place in this street. Especially young children chasing balls.

Czech dogs are apparently very ashamed of the fact that they must "go" in public. At least the city kindly provides everyone with bags.

And a detail shot of the bags! Were the slippers necessary?

So...are you supposed to add water to your coffee? Or can the water stand alone?

No, there's not a separate "baby" restroom - just clarifying that there's a changing area available. I think.

She's really excited about her giant ice cream treat. So...I thought I would share in the excitement.

Caution! You could be electrocuted at the monastery!

No plastic boots on the escalator? rainboots? I'm still confused by this one.

Caution: crossing for children with books and bows. All other kids...don't mind them.

I hope their slogan only applies to creatures of the sea and not, say, any people who happen to be swimming that day.


Girl Interrupted said...

Hey :) thought I'd come and check your blog out.

These were great, I loved the dog with the newspaper and slippers, clearly they have a better class of dog over there, I just wish they'd given him a smoking jacket too and a tasselled cap.

But my absolute fave was the baby restroom sign, what is up with that kid's diaper? "Is that a shotgun in your nappy? Or are you just happy to see me?"

Erin said...

Perhaps they just drag the baby around by one side of the diaper and it's permanently stretched? I mean, there's got to be some kind of explanation here.

My blog will certainly appreciate your British-isms as you see fit - such as nappy! Oh, fun words.