Saturday, January 25, 2014

A glimpse into the future

Last weekend we had some of my favorite visitors in town - Carrie, Jason, and Alan made the drive up from Houston to hang out with us for the weekend, which was a nice break from the painting extravaganza the weekend before.  I've always loved spending time with little Alan - he's just a sweet, fun kid and I love him to bits. And as a mommy-to-be of a little boy (boys! I need to brush up on dinosaur/Lego/truck/bug knowledge, I think), I think I got a glimpse into my future.  Let's just say if our little guy is anything like Alan, I probably need to learn more about trains.  Because trains are the most awesome thing ever.  So Craig did some strategic Googling and discovered that the Frisco Heritage Museum (who knew??) is the temporary home to interim exhibits for the Museum of the American Railroad (again, who knew?), and there's our Sunday afternoon.  Train time!!

We loaded up on homemade cinnamon rolls, spent some lazy time binging on HGTV and iPad time, and then made sure we loaded up on even more food at Platia so we had plenty of energy for the TRAINS.  After pretty much spending the morning eating, it was off to the trains.  And we had one excited little boy on our hands for the rest of the afternoon.

Trains are so awesome I love trains guys check me out on this train it's so cool!!  I love the enthusiasm.
Apparently I'm fascinated by trains, too, or at least when rivets and welding on the train combine to look with a face with a BACON SMILE.  Don't you think?!?
Tiny Alan. Ginormous train.  Happiness for a four year old.
Sweet, we even get to ring a train bell!
Now, I wouldn't exactly call the Frisco Heritage Museum the most spectacular museum I've ever been to. It's kinda tiny and adorable and doesn't have a whole lot going on, but it was perfect for some chill explorations on a beautiful weekend afternoon.  We spent a lot of time outside exploring the trains, but then inside we found a great treasure in one of the living rooms (styled for each decade!)...say hello to Duck Hunt.  The boys were thrilled.

Awww, father-son video game bonding time!
 Back out for one last train stop...

...and then our always-too-short weekend neared its end.  We also did plenty more eating and got in some quality playground time in the gorgeous weather (you're faking me out, Mother Nature - I know it's not spring yet) and played a round of Smash Up (thanks for the weirdly cool new game, sistah friend!) and just generally enjoyed friend time.  Yay for friend weekends!!


Jason Gaj. said...

Thank you so much for a great weekend, Erin! We loved every minute, even the ones that weren't Duck Hunt ;)

And thanks to Craig--it was beyond thoughtful and kind of him to look that up and figure out that awesome museum was out there hiding!

Erin said...

We had such a great time with you guys!! So glad you could come up for the weekend. :)