Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carpet where you eat = silly

We have the most ginormous dining room ever, and even though we rarely eat in there (come on, two people at the giant table? or really one on most nights these days? that's what the living room is for), it drove me crazy that the floor was covered with CARPET.  Who puts CARPET in a dining room?!?  Every spill and dropped utensil and wayward food moment = carpet disaster.  So...we put in hardwoods.  And by "we" I mean Craig wrapped a flooring sample for me for Christmas, which was both extremely sweet and extremely confusing at the moment of unwrapping, and then we paid trained professionals to come put in beautiful handscraped hardwood floors.  I love it.

There's the floor before it became a floor - apparently the wood needs to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in the home.  This reassured me that these guys knew what they were doing.
Oh, stain decisions!  And trust me, the number of coats definitely makes a difference.  The smell makes a difference, too, in your ability to breathe - Kami and Carolyn can attest to that.
And there you have it!  Or the general idea of it, anyway - these are lazy phone pictures fo you. And yes, curtains in progress, which is really what the giant dining room table is most useful for - spreading out beast amounts of fabric.
Pretty.  Yay.  It's also really funny to watch Zach try to adjust - he's used to careening around the table while digging into the carpet for traction.  His traction is gone, so now he just skids around.  So pretty much he doesn't run circles around the table anymore.  Sorry, puppy.

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