Sunday, February 17, 2013

A little culture and a lot of chicken tenders

Not together or at the same time at all...but I think that could be a cultural experience!  Just think of all those chicken tenders that also give you a glimpse into a piece of regional Americana - Babe's...Raising Cane's...Dairy Queen...although as a kiddo I was always partial to the steak finger basket at good ol' Dairy Queen.

errrrmahgawd!!  I just checked out the Dairy Queen menu and THERE IS NO STEAK FINGER BASKET.  What happened??

Ok, back to the culture part.  A few weekends ago I got together with Kami, Carolyn, and Eva for brunch (where we did not eat chicken tenders) and then a first for us - a trip to the symphony! They were doing a Mozart extravaganza, so we figured it would as good a time as any to get our culture on.

View from the cheap seats
A few tips for your trip to the symphony:
  • Even though brunch beforehand is a wonderful idea, maybe skip any adult beverages as they tend to induce sleepiness during soothing classical music moments.
  • If you're taking your kids...just make sure they might actually appreciate the experience.  Otherwise you're wasting way too much money.
  • Observe enthusiastic clapping lady and just follow her lead.
  • Watch out for Jaap van Zweden - I don't think I'd want to meet him in a dark alley after the performance.  His intensity could laser beam you to the ground.
Admit it, even with the baton...a little intimidating
Back to the chicken tenders - we had a small army of people over for the Super Bowl, which meant we obviously needed a small army of food.  I'm actually proud of us for not going as overboard as usual, but there was one new addition to the food mix that almost completely disappeared due to its awesomeness - homemade chicken tenders.  Deep fried, of course.  I wanted to bake them, Craig rolled his eyes at me, and deep fried won.  Deep fried deliciousness indeed.

No pictures of not-very-photogenic chicken tenders, or really anything from the Super Bowl, because we were just having fun.  Imagine it.

Next time I'm eating chicken tenders before we go to the symphony.  And yes, I know pairing culture and chicken tenders is a stretch.  Just imagine it, too.


Sarah said...

I couldn't even get past the steak finger basket part of the post without leaving a comment. That was my fave in the world is it not there anymore?!?!?

Erin said...

I know!! I'm now tempted to go to Dairy Queen and just blindly order a steak finger basket to see what happens. So many happy, cream-gravy-filled childhood memories...