Monday, January 21, 2013

It's definitely a new year

Oh hi, remember me? Yeah, I barely remember me, too. It's ok, we'll get to know each other again. Maybe. I'll try.

I'm probably not the only one who's happy to have a new year come around.  Fresh-ish start to things.  Not totally fresh, because everything that's ever happened has definitely still happened, but sometimes it's nice to get a new perspective, regain focus...oh, let's not get too philosophical here, New Year's Eve is a great reason to drink champagne!  Pink bubbles AND normal bubbles! Let's party!!

Bubbles in your own home are especially nice, too - no driving, phew. Although Cards Against Humanity - not so nice. At all. But HILARIOUS in a disturbing kind of way. We had a fantastic time with the Vaughns, Keffers, and Nicholseseses* - plenty of food (waaaaay too much food, pretty much the way we always do it), maybe a little too much to drink, excessive gaming, and general merriment all the way around. Bring it, 2013!

Happy new year, ladies!! I wore some sparkles - I just had to. It's also really awesome how the nutcracker appears to be balancing on my head - talented fellow.
New year, new start - I'm not even going to pretend that I'll play catch-up with my life on here - we're just going to move forward with new adventures and maybe throw in some older adventures here and there for fun. For instance...did you know that Craig & I went to Philadelphia for a really awesome wedding? In October? Of 2011? That's right. I might tell you about it sometime.

* Last names that end in "s" really threw me for a loop as a kid. I never knew if it was supposed to be an apostrophe situation for plural or possessive or when to add the -es or if there should maybe just be a way to work around it entirely, which is why I use "s" last names as a descriptor when possible rather than dealing with it (i.e., the Christmas card was totally addressed to "The Nichols Family" rather than "The Nicholses" - help me...). And NOW I am one of those "s" people!! Why do you think I jokingly (but maybe kinda half-seriously...) use Pendarvii instead of Pendarvises? Yup.

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