Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Southern delights, part 4 - Savannah start

We made it to Georgia, ya'll! (channel a Paula Deen voice for that one - can't you just hear her welcoming us??)  After dropping loads of suitcases and stuff at our ADORABLE Savannah home (of which I somehow managed to only take one exterior picture, on our very last day - come on, Erin, excessive photography is your thing!), we swung by the grocery store to pick up provisions while we still had wheels at our service.  Cut it a little close on time, and we were NOT going to get zapped with one more day of rental fees on the (overpriced as it was) car, so we made our drop-off and took a quick taxi home to throw groceries in the fridge and chill a bit (us, not the groceries...although the groceries in the fridge were actually chilling...ok...) before heading out to dinner. 

Besides, sitting in the Budget office and waiting on a taxi gave us plenty of time to whip out the magical Google devices provided by Pdub and evaluate our dinner we snagged reservations for that night at the Olde Pink House, which sounds stuffy and conjures up images of floral wallpaper and cranky old ladies (at least to me - I think I fixated on the "pink" and "olde" bit), but isn't like that all.  It's a beautiful old house that, granted, has a pink exterior, but also has a beautifully restored interior and serves a damn fine meal.  This was pretty much celebration night for us (we all made manager at Pdub effective July 1, woot woot!, and you KNOW we needed a good meal and a night of festivities to celebrate this...well...milestone...or whatever it is), so we did it up right.  Yes, I'm going to wax poetic about the food now.

But first, our waiter...absolutely adorable.  We spent 2 1/2 hours or so at this amazing dinner, and it wasn't all because of the food.  Love you, Jeremy.  No, really, love you.  Why haven't you called?  Kidding, kidding.

Of COURSE we would like the amazing bread basket filled with biscuits and cornbread!  Oh, and go ahead and bring out that first bottle of sauvignon blanc, if you don't mind.  We'd love to start with the mac & cheese jalapeño poppers, actually...these sauces are amazing!  And yes, I'd still like to dabble in the soup/salad course - she-crab soup, please.  Creamy deliciousness.  And then I'll have the crab-stuffed grouper with green beans and mashed potatoes.  And yes, I'm full, but we'll go ahead and break out a second bottle of wine AND have dessert...that pecan pie sounds divine, would you mind bringing me a piece?

Absolutely STUFFED.  Delicious and amazing.  Fantastic service, delicious food....great, great dinner.  So...we kept the festivities going and headed downstairs for a drink in the rather charming and classy basement piano bar at Olde Pink House (Charleston = rooftops, Savannah = basements...who knew?)...and then over to the recommended-for-live-music Mercury Lounge for maybe one more drink...and then home to bed because we were exhausted.  Excellent dinner and night out with gals.  I love vacation.

You know, I think it was in our favor that the next morning dawned a little on the dark-cloudy-rainy side of things.  Although if it was dark-cloudy-rainy, then did it really dawn at all?  For another time...  I slept in more than I'd been sleeping in, and we curled up on the couch, had a late breakfast, and worked our way through a few episodes of "Sex and the City," which just never gets old.  When hunger for something beyond Honey Nut Cheerios and berry salad finally drove us from the house, we made our way down to the riverfront along Bay Street and managed to duck into Vic's on the River for some much-needed sustenance and a view of the river boats (and cloudy, dreary much for the oppressive sunshine, but we'll definitely take these cooler temperatures).  More Savannah adventures to come...hopefully without raindrops...


Darcy said...

You'll forget all about Jeremy in Spain. We will replace him! ;) Lol.

Erin said...

I'm thinking Jeremy might be replaced many times over in Spain...43-ish days!!